Sunday, June 3, 2012

after a long week of work...

Rob and the guys have been selling in Valparaiso, Indiana this past week, which is like a little over an hour away AND in a different time zone, making their work days seem even longer. Rob will usually leave around 11:30 am and not get home until 11 ish that night. 

After a very long week of selling, the guys have been celebrating by going out to eat on Saturday nights (including the wives! [: ) It is so nice to be able to spend some time with Rob after barely seeing him all week it seems like. Last week was buffalo wild wings! (Rob is getting so tan from knocking all day!)

And last night was Olive Garden! Kara and Kristin (other wives out here with me) and I really wanted to go to this hole in the wall italian place in Mishawaka. Everyone on urban spoon was raving about it in their reviews and saying how it was the best italian food they have ever eaten in the states, etc. I also thought it would be kinda fun to eat at a local place, but they closed at 9:30 which was the deal breaker for us. But that's pretty typical for the guys to be done so late so i will have to make it there with Robbie sometime soon before we move areas. (if he ever has a night off...)

Aren't we just so adorable?!?! haha at least we think so, right? (;

Which, speaking of moving, I just found out we will be moving 2 hours north of Elkhart to Grand Rapids, Michigan next week! Grand Rapids looks like a really nice and new city with lots of fun things to explore and experience. we are very excited what the area will bring for both work and play! (:

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