Saturday, June 9, 2012

ketchup or catsup?

So this is a little "ketchup" post (catch up for those of you who aren't as clever as I am haha). So here is your warning; it's a long one! This has been our last week in Elkhart and here are a couple of the things we have done! I have been overwhelmingly busy with work so I haven't had time to post anything.

Earlier this week Kara, Haylee, Kristin and I went to check out this pool in Elkhart so we could go swimming (our hotel has an indoor pool. so lame...) and it was actually pretty nice! When we went earlier, the forecast was not in our favor and it was overcast and a little windy so it was a little cold! But we still had fun (:

Such a cutie!

 I am surprised I got a picture before she grabbed the camera. She loves anything with buttons or screens! Haha

Me and Kristin (:

 Haylee deciding that the water is much too cold! Haha

Classic Haylee haha

We came back today and the weather was PERFECT! I think I actually got a tan this time!

I was creeping on Kara and Haylee and snapping shots while they were swimming but if it were me I would love it! 

my favorite one

 I can never get her to look at the camera haha

 haha man did I capture that moment well! 

soakin up the sun!

haha nice face Haylee...

Tiffany and little Venna! So freaking cute with her little sun hat! (:

I could get used to this!

Me and Kristin (:

The pool was a lottttt more crowded today but it was still a fun day with the girls! (: What would've made it even better though would have been a super sexy husband sun tanning beside me!!!

Amish country round two! Kara, Haylee, Kristin and I wanted to go back to Shipshawana to check out Amish country one last time before we move to Grand Rapids.
We got there and were already hungry so we ate at this little amish bakery and it was so delicious!! Everything was homemade and it sure tasted like it! I had a turkey bacon pannini with creamy potato soup! Yuuuuuuum!

I swear she is not my child, I just take 5 billion pictures of her... haha

 Lunch was so good that I decided to try their homemade cinnamon bread! Score!

We found a toy store where a lot of the toys were all hand crafted. It was way cool and Haylee was having the time of her life haha

 She found a tiny Haylee-sized shopping cart! So freaking cute!!

Kara had to pry her little fingers off it when it was time to go because she loved it so much haha

 This week we also heard about a craft fair in downtown Elkhart and decided to check it out. Cheapest Coach purses, Chanel accessories, and Tiffany's jewelry I've ever seen... haha but there were some hand crafted jewelry, yard accessories, and other assorted crafts that people were selling that were actually really sweet! 
Kara must see something she likes! (; haha

 This is what most of the little booths looked like.

Momma goose and her freaking huge babies that were still following her! haha

 It was really hot though and after a couple hours of walking around and walking to lunch, like the rest of us, Haylee was hot, tired, and ready to head back!

Now I know some of you may be wondering where in the world is Robbie?!? Don't worry, we are still happily married and I haven't forgotten about him! Since we spend most of our time away from each other, I told him to start taking pictures of funny/interesting/anything he sees while he is out working so I can keep y'all updated about his adventures as a door to door salesman too.

So first update... HE GOT ME A KITTEN!!!!!!

Just kidding... haha gotchaaaa!! I wish though! This is at one of his customer's kittens (:

Even though he is gone most of the day, he really is the best husband any girl would be lucky to be with!! I love every minute of our new life together and am excited for what else the summer has in store for us! 
A sweet note that he left me one morning when he had to leave early for work. (:

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