Monday, June 4, 2012

happy birthday kara!

 Happy birthday Kara! To celebrate Kristin, Kara, Haylee and I decided to check out the old bag factory in Goshen. 
 It is an old factory that used to make paper, bags, and soaps. It also had a steam tower that was powered by coal that used to give power to a large surrounding area back in the day.

Now it has a bunch of antique shops and restaurants inside!

Kristin, Kara, and Haylee (:

an old mixer thing

 This factory used to provide all of the little paper strips in the hershey kisses!!

After looking around a little bit, we stopped and ate a small little restaurant on the main floor of the factory. It was interesting... I got the peasant lunch haha check out that green bread! (despite the festive color, the bread was actually really delicious!)

the gang (: (and I have two different hair colors...haha)

 I told the restaurant owner that it was Kara's birthday so she brought out a birthday muffin? haha anyways Haylee obviously did not approve either. 

Mennonites; they are like the Amish but they can wear printed dresses apparently. 

I honestly thought she was real when I walked in! So creepy! Btw, the sign on her shirt says no photographs please... such a rebel!

the things you find in amish country... witch brooms?

again, the things you find in amish country... haha

Haylee found herself a little chair. Such a little cutie (:

outside the bag factory

a quilt of flowers right outside the old bag factory.

What an interesting day haha glad I got to spend it with my friends (: Hope your birthday was a great one Kara!! 

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