Tuesday, May 21, 2013


so for those of you who did not know, we have moved from provo to wilsonville--a small suburb just 25 minutes south of portland, oregon. and we LOVE it so far! except the fact that we are so far from family and friends. you know who you are so just know we miss you! so here is scoop on how the whole move went down. 
my family was in town for graduation so it was really lucky for us to have them there with the loading the truck portion of the move. they were a HUGE help, so thank you!

my dad and brother came to church with us on sunday and frank and robbie totally matched! not planned. both are modeling bow ties i made for them from my etsy shop! (post coming later)
such handsome boys! totally rockin the bow ties too of course(: also, frank could use a haircut...
before pictures...

robbie loading the first few boxes in!
 and after! so exhausting.

so we had to be out of our apartment by april 29th, but by the time we had the truck loaded it was too late and we were too exhausted to start what we thought would be a 12 hour drive (ended up being 16...) so the tuellers were so gracious and hospitable to let us stay a night in their home! and to make it even better, diana and little oliver were in town from new york! it was so fun to get to see them and to get to spend some time with them. 

dave tueller and ollie playing with the mail truck. i love this picture--so precious!
 we woke up early the next day to leave and so we got to spend about a half hour playing with ollie! man is he a sweet boy! p.s. forgive my squinty eyes. it was early...
 smiles all around! (: again with the squinty eyes...
 here is a sweet video of uncle rob and ollie kicking the soccer ball. he is seriously better at it than i am. also towards the end, you can't see it but ollie accidentally nails rob in the face with the ball. it was pretty funny but ollie got a little embarrassed and felt bad. it obviously didn't hit him that hard so we assured him that it was just an accident and that uncle rob was tough. haha
it was so fun to watch them play together though!
after playing with ollie, we sadly waved goodbye to the tuellers, diana and oliver and hit the road!
 we picked up a trailer to tow maximus (our car) behind us so that we didn't have to drive separately and to save on gas.

all hooked up! 
 this is probably two of robbies all time favorite things to do--to scare me and to get it on video. this is at a gas station somewhere along the way. enjoy. haha
 if you can believe it, we actually had to put MORE gas in... our moving truck towing our car behind it got around 6 miles to the gallon. so pathetic. and expensive...
but, despite one minor hiccup involving nearly running out of gas (i will let robbie tell that story in his "man blog", which apparently he started so stay tuned... haha) 16 hours later we arrived at the hotel in wilsonville that we were staying in for the night. we were completely exhausted. poor robbie had to drive the entire way--left at 8 am and arrived at midnight--because of liability reasons. but i don't think i have ever slept so good in my life. 

the next day, we ate breakfast at the hotel, checked out and drove to our final destination--the village at main street apartments. we got there and were handed the keys to our new apartment--we were so thrilled! here are some pictures that i took of our new apartment before we moved anything in.

prepare to scroll--i was too tired to put two at a time together... sorry... 
 living room
sliding door to porch 
hallway closet 
computer niche in hallway 
 washer and dryer (YES!!!!)
 master bedroom
 master bathroom

 the little porch connected to the master bedroom
guest room 
walk in closet in guest room 
guest bathroom 

the view from our big porch. not too bad, huh? 

well that's pretty much everything. and i'm tired. as i'm sure you are after reading this mega post. peace out. 

xoxo ashbie

Sunday, May 19, 2013


hey yall. it feels good typing this blog post because WE HAVE INTERNET AGAIN! i never knew how much i would miss it until i was home along a whole week while rob was at his new job with nothing to do but unpack and unpack... the good part of that is, well yes, we are all unpacked!! so many posts are coming soon about our move, our trip to santa barbara and san francisco and exploring our new home here in portland. one step at a time... haha

before we left, rob and i graduated! seems like lifetimes ago, but we both walked across the stage april 26th decked out in our extremely attractive cap and gowns... rob pulled it off a little better than i did haha (;

robbie graduated with a bachelors in business management with an emphasis in entrepreneurship from the marriott school of business at byu. i am so very proud of him and all of his accomplishments and probably most of all landing a great job right out of college! we are so incredibly blessed and i thank my Heavenly Father every night for the wonderful marriage rob and i share. i also got to walk with rob in the business ceremony but i graduated with a bachelors in elementary education with a TESOL minor (teaching english language learners) from the mckay school of education. i just have to finish my student teaching this fall in portland to make it official. (so technically i don't really graduate until december, but i'm done with classes, midterms and finals so that's close enough, right??...)

graduation selfies!!!
commencement ceremony with all of the 2013 graduates!
my old sophomore roommates courtney (left) and victoria (right).
just missing lyndsi and lauren!

love this guy (photo cred: chase)
a nice pic with the famous "Y" in the background
graduation day 2

they always have the best flowers during graduation!
my mom got a little carried away... (:
my grandparents were in utah so they were able to come which was extra special!
aren't they the cutest grandparents you have ever seen?!
this is terrible, but i did not get any pictures with my mom who was also in town, which was really special for me! she has sacrificed so many things to get me where i am today; a college graduate. and i will always be grateful for her example, dedication, love and support! she rocks!!!! my siblings were also in town, but they were knocked out on oxycodone and with cheeks about 3 times their normal size; or wisdom teethless. love them to death though. 

i think that's enough for now, but just one more pic that we took at church today. duck faces all around. love him. 
xoxo ashbie

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


so my family came up for two three reasons mainly: 1. graduation (post coming) 2. so my siblings could get their wisdom teeth out together and 3. i guess because they love me and wanted to see us! haha anyways back to the funny part of this post. 
if you are reading this and know rachel and/or frank, you're welcome. if you don't, you're welcome. 

such good sports... haha

and like i said before. you're welcome. haha

xoxo ashbie