Monday, July 29, 2013


oh boy. i have been dreading posting on here because i have so freakin much to write about! so if you want to just skip ahead and look at the pictures thats totes fine with me. (that's what i would probably do...). in my last post, we had just moved to wilsonville. i guess i should start with what happened next. so we drove all day to get to wilsonville from provo and then we slept in a hotel that night because we got in so late and then we checked in with our apartment, got our keys and began moving in the next day. we had a bunch of people from our ward come out that night and help us unload, although we really didn't have that much stuff left after rob and i had been unloading stuff all afternoon. i was just glad i didn't have to help move our mattress again! all in all it probably took us 20 minutes to unload the rest of the truck--probably the easiest move-in our ward has done. 
we wanted to take a vacation before rob started work so he didn't have to use any vacation days, but we were low on funds with the move and such so we decided that we wanted to drive down and visit robbies family in santa barbara. it would be about a 15 hour drive, but we planned to stop in the bay area to visit grandma and grandpa porter and to explore san francisco since i had never been. we wanted to take the 101 all the way down the coast for a more scenic drive with stops along the way to make it more exciting. it was totally a great idea except the fact that we had just driven 16 hours the day before... so if we were to do it again, i would screw the scenery and just get there asap. needless to say we were really sick of being in our car (sorry max...) besides our "car sickness", the drive really was beautiful! (much more to look at on the way down compared to the way up--which we just drove the shortest distance through desert california)
here are some pictures from our drive and our stop in the redwood national forest. i have never seen as many or as big of trees in my life! i thought cypress had a lot of trees!... 

i wish the front camera on iphones took better pictuers...
 an elk farm that we stumbled upon
usin old school maps and such


 just the most massive tree trunks 

love this guy!

 this completes leg 1 of the journey. seeing as it took two hours to load all these stinkin pictures, you'll have to stay tuned for san fran, santa barbara and lots of family! it's past my bedtime. 

xoxo ash