Thursday, February 6, 2014


so this is just a really long post with all the pictures we (and by we i mostly mean i) have taken of alfie over the past two weeks... haha just warning you. oh and rob calls him the alfster. so cute. 

alfie is a little obsessed with rob. he always likes to snuggle with him when rob is home... (no i'm not jealous... ok, yes i am haha) 

 if you are sitting anywhere on the couch, his favorite spot is any spot that you're in. 

he LOVES to lick... and take selfies with me. haha
pinterest kitty.

i told you. he loves selfies.

   alfie loves to always be near you. 

love these pictures of rob with alfie! and the fact that we hold him like a baby hahah

getting ready with me in the morning.

looove his blue eyes.

he is o b s e s s e d with the sink, bathtub and anywhere with running water. he even slipped off the ledge of the bathtub one time when i was showering! haha

my sister-in-law sent me a 25 minute video compilation of the best cat vines and alfie and i watched it. the whole thing... haha
sooo yeah... i love my cat. 

xoxo ash

Monday, February 3, 2014


it always makes the laugh when i see the funny positions that cats sleep in. and the fact that they sleep so dang much. lazyyyyyy.

woah. look at that beard!


 this one cracks me up. fell asleep mid bath! haha


yeahhh. you could say he leads a pretty rough life... hahah

xoxo ash

Sunday, February 2, 2014


one thing rob and i love doing is having game nights. it's sometimes difficult to find fun games for only two people, but battleship is perfect for just that.

although alfie looks like he was such an angel, he was very interested in the little pegs... he kept attacking robs board and a few pegs would fall out each time... haha
i didn't get a picture but he also played in the box lid swatting the extra pegs for almost an hour. if you are thinking about getting a cat do not spend a ton of money on toys. they never play with them and find random things much more entertaining. like rubber bands. or plastic grocery bags. or q-tips. or earrings. or your toes. anyways, i think you get the idea... haha

 rob won... surprise, surprise. (for those of you who know rob, he always wins. everything. it's actually really unfair... hahah)

oh well. there's always next time, right? 

xoxo ash

Saturday, February 1, 2014


this good lookin guy was in his second magic tourney this weekend and being the supportive wife that i am i tagged along. the last tournament was in like october and this one was to kick off the new cards coming out or something like that haha

all the magic peeps

please notice the safety goggles in the background. definitely necessary.

opening all his packs and building his deck

how did i get so lucky??

tyler, adam and rob--friends from precoa!

keros and rob facing off in round 3. keros is also a friend from precoa.
also, how did i not get a picture of taylor?!? sorry dude... #fail

rob won. sorry keros! haha robbie did pretty well overall and did much better than he did in the last tournament. he came out 3-1-0. not bad. (:

we ended the day with a trip to my favorite sushi place and a temple session with our good friends taylor and nicole before the temple closes for most of february. not a bad weekend! i love being able to be there and support my rob in his interests--whatever they may be... (; love you babe!

xoxo ash