Saturday, February 1, 2014


this good lookin guy was in his second magic tourney this weekend and being the supportive wife that i am i tagged along. the last tournament was in like october and this one was to kick off the new cards coming out or something like that haha

all the magic peeps

please notice the safety goggles in the background. definitely necessary.

opening all his packs and building his deck

how did i get so lucky??

tyler, adam and rob--friends from precoa!

keros and rob facing off in round 3. keros is also a friend from precoa.
also, how did i not get a picture of taylor?!? sorry dude... #fail

rob won. sorry keros! haha robbie did pretty well overall and did much better than he did in the last tournament. he came out 3-1-0. not bad. (:

we ended the day with a trip to my favorite sushi place and a temple session with our good friends taylor and nicole before the temple closes for most of february. not a bad weekend! i love being able to be there and support my rob in his interests--whatever they may be... (; love you babe!

xoxo ash

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