Thursday, February 6, 2014


so this is just a really long post with all the pictures we (and by we i mostly mean i) have taken of alfie over the past two weeks... haha just warning you. oh and rob calls him the alfster. so cute. 

alfie is a little obsessed with rob. he always likes to snuggle with him when rob is home... (no i'm not jealous... ok, yes i am haha) 

 if you are sitting anywhere on the couch, his favorite spot is any spot that you're in. 

he LOVES to lick... and take selfies with me. haha
pinterest kitty.

i told you. he loves selfies.

   alfie loves to always be near you. 

love these pictures of rob with alfie! and the fact that we hold him like a baby hahah

getting ready with me in the morning.

looove his blue eyes.

he is o b s e s s e d with the sink, bathtub and anywhere with running water. he even slipped off the ledge of the bathtub one time when i was showering! haha

my sister-in-law sent me a 25 minute video compilation of the best cat vines and alfie and i watched it. the whole thing... haha
sooo yeah... i love my cat. 

xoxo ash

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