Tuesday, April 1, 2014


yup... this happened... i was driving to work on a typical rainy portland morning and i was working on getting out of a slow lane but traffic was slows (as always) so i was turned around looking out of my rear window. the rain was so wimpy/misty that it was just sitting on my window making it really hard to see out of. so i was looking over my shoulder and then when i turned back around, i was waaay too close to this work truck with a huge trailer hitch that was braking so i smashed right into him... his car? not a single scratch. i'm not even kidding. mine? well it looks like that... apparently it was over $8,000 worth in damage and i actually almost totaled it because of that so all i can say is THANK GOODNESS FOR INSURANCE... of course i wasn't hurt or anything and the other guy that i hit was the sweetest guy ever. he even called me later that day to make sure i was ok. seriously, such a stand up guy. 

so yah... not my proudest moment...

poor poor max... ):

xoxo ash

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