Thursday, October 18, 2012


Ok. So after my computer would not upload pictures from my phone for awhile and I couldn't add the pictures for a post I wanted to do at the end of the summer, I was upset with my phone/computer/blog so I took a long break (probably too long) and am trying this whole blogging thing again. So since our last post soooo much has happened! Now to get yall caught up... Just to warn you, there are a lot of pictures and videos. We're kind of a big deal... (;

**This isn't everything that we have done/people we have seen since the end of summer and the start of fall semester, but just all of the pictures I had on my phone... haha 

This summer was a lot of hard work (mostly on Robbie's part), long hours, late nights, but it was a great learning experience for both Rob and I. It was our first time living together, working together, and I am grateful for the success that we were able to enjoy. 

We finished up our summer in Saginaw, Michigan. I spent most of my time either working on their paperwork or spending time with Kara and the cutest little girl ever, Haylee! I really miss them now! At the end of the summer, Haylee learned to say "Ashie" (the only name she learned in the whole office! BOOH YAH!) and I don't think I can ever get sick of hearing her say it! I love the videos that Kara sends me of her saying it! haha now we know who is her favorite!! (sorry Brandt....) Here are just a few.

Isn't she the cutest?!? Here are just other random pictures from the summer that I have neglected thus far.
Haha my favorite picture!!!! 
 The result of our photo booth attempt. Haylee really had no idea what was going on. And the photo booth did a poor job of letting us know when the pictures were going to be taken. 

Bowling with the sexiest bowler around! 
Can't tell you how many times we went to this park. And I don't know if I can really tell you how cute this picture is! haha
Yes, I did go out and work with Robbie a time or two. Bring your wife to work day! 
 I think I actually accidentally licked this. Then I threw up.... (not really)
Our awesome customers we met that day. Head of Neighborhood Watch. Score!
 As promised/bribed, ICE CREAM <3
Loved having lunch with this sillyyy (: 
 Oh just another video of Haylee... She thought this was so funny and did it the whole way as we walked to lunch! hahah

Lunch with these pretty ladies (:

Towards the end of the summer we were able to go to a Detroit Tigers game. Despite the fact that I had my worries about downtown Detroit, we had a great time and I was very glad to have Robbie there to protect me!

Just a few shots of downtown Detroit!

Tigers game!
It was bright, ok... 
X-ray, Robbie, and I (: Not bad seats!

Now, BACK IN PROVO! It was so weird/nice to come back to Provo now being married. Rob and I got our own apartment and had some major organizing to do after picking up all of our stuff that was being held for us everywhere basically. I owe a big thanks to my sister Briana for getting a lot of my stuff that I didn't have time to pack and move. 
We are living in Cambridge Court and we really like it and how close it is to campus. We couldn't move in however, until September 2 so Dave and Margaret Tueller invited us to stay with them for a week until our apartment was ready. I cannot thank them enough for saving us from having to stay in a hotel again after living in several ALL summer. Let me tell you people, it gets old after a week or two... haha but we really had just the best time spending time with them and getting to know them better. A HUGE thanks to them ! (:

This is at Steve and Sariah's wedding. 
 And at Laina's wedding! It was so great to see this chick after spending a whole summer away! (Please ignore Brandon totally photo bombing in the background... haha)
Love this guy (: 
 Rachel's wedding! (We had A LOT of weddings we got to go to when we got back (: haha) So good to see these ladies!! 

We had a picnic up in the mountains with my cousins and grandparents! It was such a blessing to see everyone again! 
 Me and Nana. Such a beautiful and faithful woman! 
 My husband is such a romantic!
 Maximus got his long awaited for makeover. Be jel.

We finally got our blendtec! We've been making smoothies non-stop! haha

Rob and I have our family nights on Monday nights. It's kinda weird but way fun having our own Family Home Evenings together! This one was making our Halloween crafts. Yes, of course these ideas came from Pinterest... haha
The startings of our wreath 

Such a pro at melting the crayons. 

 Our spooky mummy wrapped Halloween wreath!
The finished pumpkins! 

We had the fun opportunity to dog sit Rocky for a couple hours for my cousins! I want a puppy!!!!!

 No, Robbie did not grow a mullet... haha that would be my hair... 

We went on a double date with Michael and his friend Pam to a hockey game and mini-golfing. This is what happens when you ask Michael to take a picture for you... So I hope you're happy haha

My friend BJ had extra tickets to the homecoming game and was so kind to give them to us! Killer padded seats and everything! I will stop talking about the game now because, yes, we lost... Still love my cougs though!!
 Look at that handsome guy!

Now, we are just going to school, loving life and are excited that our future is just beginning to unfold. Robbie graduates in April and is excited to be finished with school and to start his career (whatever that may be haha) and I start my practicum next Tuesday, which I am very excited/stressed/nervous about! I get to spend a whole month in a first grade classroom in Spanish Fork working with the teacher, students and actually getting to teach! I can't wait to see how much I learn from actually being in the classroom and developing relationships with the teacher and students. I can't wait to become a teacher!