Monday, May 26, 2014


oregon is honestly so beautiful! there are so many luscious green trees and beautiful waterfalls to hike amongst. this is punch bowl falls and the water was so frigid it was pretty much unbearable for me to stand in the water. we will go again when it's warmer and i can stand to wade in and get a closer look at the falls. maybe... haha

xoxo ash 

Saturday, May 24, 2014


koi fusion - asian style tacos is the best way i can describe them haha it was my first time trying them and they weren't too bad! (i'm kind of a picky eater...)
this yummy crepe place in bridgeport. i can't resist the strawberry yummy-ness!

sometimes it's fun to just get out and do some window shopping. i mainly just love doing it with my guy. he rocks. [:

xoxo ash

Saturday, May 17, 2014


they have the coolest little mini golf course not too far from our house and rob and i love going! for our oregon friends it is tualatin island greens (i think) and it is a blast! they also have a driving range so rob and i sometimes go and hit a bucket of balls together which is a log of fun too. anyways, this mini golf course is modeled after a real golf course complete with carpeted "sand traps" and water hazards and even some par 5 holes! definitely a favorite date night activity for us. [:

xoxo ash

Saturday, May 3, 2014


it's no secret that i am a total animal lover. so of course we had to check out the portland zoo! we were pretty lucky and got to see a lot of the animals up close and see them being active (the lions actually went at it so i could've done without THAT much action...)

ok is this not THE creepiest photo ever taken at the zoo?!? he was totally yawning but O M G ! 

my hair was still damp because i didn't have time to dry it all the way and i forgot how cold it can be in a place with no sun. not my brightest idea... also, isn't rob so hott?!? 

we had to... (:
we are totally loving portland! we are so lucky to live where we do and we really just feel so blessed.

xoxo ash