Saturday, June 28, 2014


it was another year for a beaird family reunion! i grew up fortunate enough to be close to lots of my cousins on my mom's side and so a huge part of childhood is filled with memories with my cousins. so family reunions with those rascals are such a blast! it was robbie's first one i think so i was excited for him to partake in the craziness too. everyone decided on destin, florida, which has been a favorite beach spot for my family, and mad did it not disappoint!
he knows when we are getting ready to leave. he of course wanted to come too! sorry aflie... ):

church selfies with this guy... i love being silly with him.

the view from our condo!
love this guy!

ok it's a known fact i have the c u t e s t little cousins ever. the fish they caught with uncle randall!

of course, we had to fit in time for the world cup to cheer on usa!
robbie and harper. so fun to see him with all the little kids. he is going to be such a great dad one day!

stole my cousins gopro
the hermit crabs i scooped up for my little cousins
cruising in my dad's mustang. so fun to ride with the top down! maybe one day babe... (:
so glad i squeezed in a visit with one of my best friends! miss her like crazy. love how nothing changes no matter how long we are apart or how little we get to talk. she's rare y'all.

and what is a visit to the great state of texas without a bbq feast, ESPECIALLY one at rudy's?!
and just like that the week was over. back to reality... boo.

xoxo ash