Thursday, January 30, 2014


i took alfie to the vet to get his first round of shots. i didn't get a ton of pictures because it took literally 5 minutes... haha i spent at least 5 times that driving there and back. thank you 217 >:(

he was completely healthy and weighs exactly two pounds. what a cutie! 

he really turns on the charm at the vet (except when they take his temperature. but that's completely understandable...) waiting so patiently for the vet to come in and tell us that all his ear mites are gone (YAY). 

 it was his first time in the car and i wasn't sure how he would do, especially since i didn't have one of those carrying devices. but he took a minute or two to explore the car and then plopped right down on my lap. (don't worry mom. i took these pictures when i got home)

xoxo ash

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