Sunday, January 19, 2014


the impossible has happened. we have adopted the most adorable blue eyed ball of fluff named alfie. now the name is kinda cheesy (but totally awesome) and some of my college friends from the eled program know that i picked out this name when we were supposed to be listening in class and so it was already decided! haha luckily robbie consented (i mean why wouldn't he? best kitten name ever.) so this is how it went down. everyone who knows me know that i am a HUGE animal lover. HUGE. robbie of course knew this about me and so every few months i would ask him when we could get an animal but the timing was never right. our apartment complex didn't allow it or we couldn't afford one, our schedule was too busy with school or work so i was patient. friday, we had this discussion again and surprisingly robbie was more open to it than usual. of course he wanted to know how much it would realistically cost and all that jazz. he is so wise about that kinda stuff. this is when i started getting excited! i convinced him to come with me to critter cabana just to check and see if they had any kittens because the last time we were there they didnt have any. the second we walked in and i saw him i just knew that i had to have him. i mean not only is he b e a u t i f u l but he had such a sweet temperament and was letting robbie hold him on his back and was just so chill. anyways, i convinced robbie to let us get one and now here we are. proud kitten owners! here are just some pictures i have taken over the past couple of days (ok... two days... haha) 

one of my favorite things about him is that he will snuggle right up by you and sleep. such a sweetie!

what? you've never tried this position? it's pretty comfy alfie says.
maybe it was because he always sleeps or that he is simply a kitten, but he kept us up alllll niiiiiighhtttt the first night! you would think we were new parents to a human and not a feline with how much sleep we got. he was up every two hours... we put him out of our room at one point but robbie couldn't take all the crying after a while so we let him back in and robbie closed our door and went and slept on the couch (thank babe) and when robbie came back into our room, miraculously we were both asleep. me on my stomach and alfie planted right on my head... haha oh brother. any ideas on how to sleep train a kitten? just kidding haha (but seriously if you do, call me. asap.)

taken right before bed. at least he's freakin adorable.
another thing that we love about him is that he always wants to be by us (we like this except when its bedtime... that will come later...) so when we played yahtzee, he was just content to sit in the box and watch (he was cheering for me) haha
or maybe he was cheering for rob because he got this dang yahtzee in one roll! that's cheating...
alfie deciding to try his luck and join in.

this is the only picture i took of him at the vet but we took him in for his first appointment and he was actually a total champ. critter cabana said that he was treated for earmites when he was a younger kitten so i wanted them to check and see if they were gone (they weren't) but they had to get q-tips and dig all this ear wax crud out of his ears (GROSS) and he pretty much just let her sit there and do it even though it is really itchy and uncomfortable for them. he was weighed at just over 2 lbs and then had his temperature taken (now this was where he drew the line. he does nottttt enjoy thermometers up his butt. understandably...) and then he was clipped and treated for the ear mites (which should be gone now. hopefully. ew.)
after the vet, he was pretty exhausted so he just snuggled allll night. hey, we weren't complaining!

we sure do love our alfie boy. and i can sincerely say that robbie loves him too! sorry if we turn into THAT couple that always posts stuff about their cat... #sorrynotsorry

xoxo ash


  1. Please be that couple and post stuff ... I adore kittens! Sorry you are having trouble sleeping but I hear that is common. Best of luck!

  2. Totally that couple as well. I love our kittens. We put our kittens in the bathroom at night. It's a smaller space and their litterbox is in there so they are happy. We put a few toys in there too. I think having them in a smaller space decreases their stimulation and makes them sleep through the night easier. We haven't had to get up once with our kittens. We will save that for when we have kids. Good luck! Your kitten is SO cute.