Thursday, June 28, 2012

two monthhhhs

I can't believe it. This past Wednesday marks two months since Rob and I have been married! It seems like a life time ago that I became Mrs. Hulme and married the man of my dreams; wow does time fly! So a little because of that and mostly because our work friends had a groupon they could no longer use, we decided to drive three hours to Prudenville, Michigan and stay at a bed and breakfast! It was a cute, small and cozy little place right by Houghton Lake and was the perfect getaway!

This is the little Tiki bar we ate dinner at when we got there.

This is what he does every time he comes home... haha so excited to get to sleep in a big comfy bed!!

Sick hot tub in the room.

Pure relaxation.

This was waiting for us outside our door in the morning. Yum! (:

I am so lucky to be married to such a sweet husband. I love you Robbie!!

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