Thursday, June 28, 2012


A picture of us at a reception Rob and I attended about three weeks after we got married. Typical happy and in love newlyweds! (:

So much has happened in this past week or two and the time has seriously flown by! We moved two hours north of Elkhart to Grand Rapids, Michigan and we love it so far! We are in a small studio type "apartment" and I say that because we are staying at another extended stay hotel. Rob is continuing to do well with work after a brief rough patch.

I had my first experience bidding on eBay and it was a success!! Almost too much of a success because I ended up getting two backpacks but my sister Rachel bought one from me so Robbie didn't freak out too much. hahah

soohoohoohoo excited for my new backpack! haha

Rob won a pair of the new Nike Frees from his work so he was excited to get those in as well!

This past week I also set aside the time to finish Rob's goal board for this summer. Each time he gets a sale, he gets to put a sticker on one of the points of a star. Each star holds 5 sales so it's an easy way for us to keep track of how many sales he has gotten. Plus I think the stickers are a fun bonus for him. (;

So proud of my salesman! (;

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