Monday, May 28, 2012

memorial day/amish flea market!

Happy Memorial Day! So for this holiday Kristin, Tiffany and I decided to go to an amish flea market! Ever since we arrived in Elkhart, we have been asking natives here what we should do and see and everyone has said that we need to visit an amish community! So we drove 30ish minutes to Shipshewana to check it out! This flea market was huge! And full of interesting things to buy...

me in front of the gate

haha I was dying laughing... I had to... surprisingly these were sold at several shops!

This is what most of the shops looked like. so fun!

This really cool license plate store where everything was hand made!!

This place had tons of frilly dresses!

haha this on is for you little brothaaa (;

Amish people!!! Good thing they didnt see me taking pictures of them because they get really mad if you do. They believe that if their picture is taken it captures their soul or something of the sort. But all of them wore that same dress but different colors and the little bonnet. The men wore beards and long hair and a hat most often.

A view of the market

A cute little lemonade stand that were run by these little kids! Taking on your challenge Erica Tanner! (;

I'm only half smiling in this picture because as we were taking it, the shop owner got really mad and told us that we weren't allowed to take pictures but Kristin snapped it anyways... haha I had to show my Texan pride!!

This is my best attempt at getting a picture of the horse and buggies. I was too scared the Amish people would see me taking a picture of them so i had to snap it through my car window...

After our market experience we went to a local restaurant that everyone raved about. We ordered the traditional Amish meal and it was DELICIOUS! Everything was homemade and so yummy!! A great way to end our Amish experience!! Although next time i would love to have my sweet husband with me to experience this with me!! I love that he is working so hard everyday though (: He's the best! (:

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