Saturday, July 7, 2012

we like mini golfing. not a big deal.

On Saturdays, the guys go out earlier to work so the past couple of weeks they have been retiring an hour or two early and our office goes out to dinner. Last week, instead of going out to eat with everyone, Rob decided he just wanted to spend some time with me and go on a date! (: So we went mini-golfing of course! And it was so much fun! (As are all my dates with Robbie [: )

We went to this place in Grand Rapids called Craig's Cruisers. It had the cutest little scenery and mini buildings on their mini-golf courses. I loved them!

Robbie is such a pro at mini-golf. I seriously don't know how he is so good. He must be cheating somehow... haha

Needless to say, he beat me... Sort of like how he always does... haha

So since he beat me in golf, I made him play me in something I was quite confident I could win at: an old DDR game! haha although I was way rusty and he claims one of his arrows was broken, I still came out on top! Barely... hahah

One of Robbie's favorite tv shows in arcade game form.

It was a great evening with my sweet husband. He is the best! (:

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