Saturday, July 7, 2012

fourth of july

Happy Fourth of July!! Of course I had to show some of my Texas pride as well!!
This year was fantastic!! It started with Rob and I making our American flag t-shirts the night before; matching of course (; And I just have to say that Robbie is the best husband for doing this with a smile (:

The next day, we headed down to Muskegon, which is where they have been selling for the last week or two and decided to hang out all day on the beach! Yes, they do have beaches in Michigan, strange, I know. The beach is from Lake Michigan and it was just like a normal beach except it was fresh water and no seaweed! Two major pluses for me (:
 I was so patriotic!
 Just having some fun burying Kristin!
 Boys... haha
 I have yet to figure out why on Earth Nick would pick up a clump of unknown hair and use it as a fake mustache... 
 Jumping pictures!

Everyone was super jealous of our shirts (; Of course, Rob being the entrepreneur that he is, suggested we could make a bunch for next year and sell em for like $10-15 each. Always thinking of ideas to make money (: haha
 Oh just Rob modeling his sick shirt he made. He's such a crafter!!
 It ended with us watching fireworks with everyone. We didn't have the best seats but at least we got to see them! It was a great holiday but it doesn't beat spending it with our families. We missed y'all!

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  1. I love your shirts! They are seriously so cool. :) And your texas necklace is adorable. Glad you guys had a fun holiday.