Monday, July 9, 2012

hillary and braxton's wedding

A couple weekends ago I was able to fly to Utah and be there for my cousin Hillary's wedding! (A big thanks to my parents for paying for some of my flight!!) After missing my early flight and waiting for the later one, a long layover in Atlanta, a flight to SLC with a ton of returning missionaries, I finally made it to Salt Lake. It was so great seeing my family! We stopped by to visit my cousins house in Bountiful, Utah. They always like to bring out their pet lizards to show us.. haha Rachel was brave enough to hold them! Me... not so much... 

My whole family was there on my mom's side so it was really special to get to see all my cousins that I grew up with! (We missed you Melissa, Byron, and Randall!!) I was very blessed to be able to be there!

  Me, Jennie and Bailey (:
 Uncle Jason showing everyone how to long board haha
Jennie and Tatum
The happy couple (: Finally married!! (Picture overload begins...)
 Hillary's little niece Ellie (:
Photo credit goes to Frankie for the rest. My camera battery died as soon as I got to Utah so thank goodness for iPhones!!
The Grandmas!
This is the first thing I see when I walk in. So classic. 
 Haha poor Ellie. Doesn't know what is going on and who she is taking a picture with.
 I am so glad I got to spend the weekend with my crazy family! The wedding was beautiful and it was wonderful to be able to be a part of that. Love you Hillary and Braxton and I wish all the best in your new journey together! Enjoy every minute of it. (:


  1. Fun! Looks like you had a great time. I love your outfit (and the bride's dress - gorgeous!).

  2. Love the pictures! We had so much fun seeing everyone!