Monday, February 23, 2015


i have to give a shout out to my baby sis. she has just returned home from faithfully serving an 18 month mission trip for the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints in tahiti of all places! i am so incredibly proud of her for her dedication, commitment and sacrifice to be able to learn french and tahitian and to help serve the people in tahiti. my mom flew me down the day after she got home from the airport so i could spend some short but sweet time with her and to hear her talk in our church meeting on sunday about her experience. (thanks mom!). i had such a blast.

this is at the portland international airport. for some reason, people are like o b s e s s e d with the carpet design. yeah... i mean it's pretty sick but i'm pretty sure i would never tattoo the design onto my body... yes it's true. i saw it on the internet... but they are changing out all of the old carpet for a new design (which means the airport reeks of new carpet smell! gag!) and people are going crazy buying pdx carpet memorabilia. you can even buy a piece of the actual carpet after they rip it out! also, check out the hash tag #pdxcarpet on instagram. you may or may not find a picture of two from me on there... hey, don't hate on foot selfies!...
old vs. new carpet design. which one do you like better?
i flew into the houston airport super late but my dad mentioned that they were having a 5k fun run sponsored by the superintendent of the school district my dad works for so of course we decided to run in it! it was good to wake up early and do something active. 
the taylor girls reunited! (:
the next activity in my whirlwind weekend was going to see my parent's land after it had been cleared. my parents bought 2 acres that they are planning on retiring on in a few years and having horses (yay!) and building a house and all that jazz. when we were home during christmas break, it was basically all forest and brush so you couldn't really see how bit it was or really walk through it (hence the machete adventure...) so it was cool to see it all cleared and imagine what it will look like with a house and pasture on it. 
also note my little bro's car in the pic. he loves it. haha
of course the weekend i am home, my best friends decide to all go to new orleans... i definitely missed getting to see them because time with them is very limited living across the country and all. but i did find a nice surprise waiting for me when i got home! my best friend sara is getting married to her high school sweetheart and one of my good friends too so i could not be more thrilled! especially since i get to stand by her side and be one of her bridesmaids. such a special experience and i can't wait until they tie the knot! (:
a shot of my jammed finger... i have the wimpiest injuries. just jammed it at volleyball but not even playing. someone just threw me the ball to serve and somehow when i caught it, it was basically on the ground and it jammed... /: wimpy but sooo painful...
i think there are few sights that are better or more mouth watering than this. i basically begged my family to go to spring creek bbq for dinner (i was obviously thinking about rachel and the fact that she hadn't eaten it in over 18 months... hehe (:
seeeee. she's so happy to be feasting on delicious bbq.
her homecoming talk on sunday happened to also be my sister, briana's 23rd birthday. so we did a welcome home/happy birthday cake. she was such a good sport sharing her birthday with all of rachel's homecoming events. it was lucky for me though because i got to be with her on her birthday. love you briana! (:
our shopping/lunch/pedicure trip. <3
h e a v e n

matching bright toes (:
lunch at newks, a local soup/salad/sandwich restaurant that is one of our faves. my family, aunt and uncle jason and jordan and my grandparents were all there. so fun!
a huge thanks to my mom for flying me down so i could be with my family for such a special time. i definitely missed my baby sis but am so proud of her for her commitment and service. she is such a great example to me and i love her so much!
i often think that i am so lucky to have such a fun/loud/crazy/loving family. it's the one thing missing here in portland. y'all are the bomb! <3

xoxo ash

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