Saturday, February 28, 2015


i got a call earlier in the week from critter cabana, the pet store that we purchased alfie from, and they were having a big event on saturday where they were having a professional pet photographer come in and since we were clients, they were offering us a complimentary 5x7 photo of alfie! i was cracking up on the phone but said absolutely put us down! (because why not?!?)
so we show up on saturday and they were set up in the small upstairs loft of the pet store. there were lots of people there and you could hear all sorts of barks and chirps from downstairs so alfie was a little nervous to say the least. the photographers totally loved him though! they kept saying how pretty he was and even said that he looked like a show cat! haha 
the picture taking took only a few minutes. they had a few props and had a few toys and noise makers to get his attention and make him look at the camera. he will usually look at the camera for me at home but with all of the new surroundings and noises, he was very distracted... i am so bummed i didn't get a picture of him actually getting his photo taken but we were so busy trying to get his attention that we totally missed it (which isn't that supposed to be the photographers job?... oh well...)
after they took several shots, we picked out our favorite four and then they tried to get us to buy a package but robbie wasn't gonna fly with $187+ on pet pictures... (maybe i should go into that business. it literally took less than 10 minutes total...)
after several different price options (the smallest they went was $50 for the four 5x7 photos printed... no thanks...) we just settled  on our complimentary 5x7 of all three of us and it is so hilarious! i can't until it comes in the mail. so funny. 

these are just some photos we snapped of him on my phone afterwards. this is the little room where we first laid eyes on him as a baby kitten! he was still pretty nervous and would not look at the camera still... ugh haha 

i sure do love my baby kitty!

xoxo ash

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