Thursday, August 22, 2013


so this is just embarrasing. but i figure a blog post about our trip to san fran is better late than never, right? haha so back in may... (i told you it was late) after we moved from provo to wilsonville, oregon, we decided to drive down to visit my in-laws in santa barbara! we wanted to get one good vacation in before robbie started working and would have to use vacation days. it is about a 16 hour drive from here to there so we planned to stop in the bay area and visit with robbie's grandparents in sunnyvale to kind of break up the trip (especially after driving 16 hours the day before). along with visiting with grandma and grandpa porter (which was so nice!!) we took a day trip to san francisco and spent the whole day there. i had never been before and so it was a ton of fun!
(these pictures are not in chronological order for some reason...)

we got to go to a giants game and it was so fun! this is robbie's favorite mlb team and i love going to baseball games so it was a win win! (: 
 our seats. not a bad view huh? i love how at&t park backs right up to the bay! such a cool view.
 my partner in crime!

 here was our first sighting of golden gate bridge
 love this guy

it was incredibly foggy this day (as you can probably tell... haha) 
it was also S O  W I N D Y! holy cow, i was not ready for that haha 

lombard street! apparently its the curviest road in the world! we drove down and it was pretty crazy. not sure if i would want to live on a street that people are constantly driving down. haha i actually saw someone moving in. i felt pretty bad for them.  
 this was actually the first part of our day. we went to china town! this was something i had been wanting to do for forever and it was totally worth it!
so sexy.
 i was seriously amazed by how many things they had to sell. so i took lots of pictures. sorry... haha

 carved from an elephant tusk. whaaaaaat?!

an apple for the future teacher. so cheesy, i know.  
i really wanted one of these. so awesome!
 this display case kinda scared me...

 these lotus flowers we so pretty! also tempting.

hahahha if you have ever met me you know why i took this picture.  
so many of the store fronts were so beautiful! i wanted to go into all of them. 
 chop sticks for ash haha

the architecture of the residential areas were so amazing! i have never seen anything like it before. 

another shot of the bridge (these are really out of order, huh? hah) 
more trolley shots (??) 
our tickets! 
trolley rides
my favorite part! (besides seeing the sea lions of course) 
our dinner 
fishermans wharf 
 all of the cute boats in the marina
a cool shot of alcatraz. kind of eery with all of the fog. 
 i recommend the clam chowder. yum! we ate dinner backwards--ghirardelli square sundae and then clam chowder haha
 watching the sea lions. one of my favorite parts!
 the pier with alcatraz in the background
 a view of the city
we had such a great time. i can't wait until we get to go back!

xoxo ash

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