Saturday, August 31, 2013


last weekend we had such a fun time with robbie's parents, rich and toni! in my previous post i blogged about our first day with them and our adventures at the original pancake house and the international rose test garden and our second day was just as fun! we started by going over to robbie's aunt (rich's sister) and uncle's house for breakfast! we had the perfect pancake breakfast with fruit, bacon, fresh oj and the whole deal. (thanks tina for making the yummy pancakes!) then we set off to explore the columbia river gorge and multnomah falls. can you say breathtaking?!? i am still amazed by how gorgeous oregon is!

then we went to check out multnomah falls. it was so beautiful. we really are lucky to live in such a beautiful place!

all the coins that people have thrown in 
 on the bridge!

after checking out the waterfall, we drove a little ways to hood river to check out the kite boarding scene. and man was there a scene! none of the pictures i took do it justice but there were probably 200+ people there kite boarding and wind surfing. my father in-law, rich, has recently taken an interest in kite boarding so he was really excited to finally see the mecca of kite boarding for himself! i have a feeling they will be back next summer to try it out! (at least i hope so!!)

these are all the kites people had setting out while they were taking breaks

i wish you could actually tell how many people were there. so crazy!!
happy boys

kite boarder coming in
even a few paddle boarders!

holy cow. they weren't kidding!
somehow this picture was taken. found it on my phone later and thought it was pretty cool. 

after our adventures we ended a perfect day in the perfect way. with salt & straw ice cream! a must do thing in portland if you ever visit!!
chocolate with gooey brownie with sprinkles in a fresh waffle cone made before my eyes. YUM!


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