Wednesday, April 3, 2013


easter is one of my favorite holidays. it has some of the best candy--jelly beans. robbie hates them and so that is why we are perfect for each other. 
after a wonderful afternoon of church, my two sisters and their boyfriends came over for dinner. we had three cheese stuffed shells (you can find the recipe here) with salad, rolls, and my sisters famous oatmeal white chocolate chip cookies. i love the time i get to spend with my sisters and i totally take it for granted that we live so close now. 

a quick pic of rob and i at church in our easter attire. (if you want one of those bow ties, you can find them here).
the bushes around our apartment decided to bloom for us! perfect timing.
pictures from the hunt. enjoy. ps i found the most eggs haha

 genius. pure genius. 
 all the men found the golden eggs... something is a little fishy here!

anyways, it was a perfect easter sunday filled with family, food, fun, and the sweet reminder of the sacrifice that Christ made for each of us. i thank my Heavenly Father every night for the wonderful life i have and the opportunity i have to repent and strive to live more like my Savior. if you want some inspiration read this talk by President Ezra Taft Benson called The Meaning of Easter. it's a good one, i promise. 

xoxo ashbie


  1. I loved seeing the pictures of all of you guys! Looks like you had a lot of fun.

    Love you all,

    Melissa & Byron :o)

  2. Looks fun. Who hid the eggs? That person had an advantage.